Draethen, Waterloo and Rudry Community Council

Our Vision

fair for all - chwarae teg i bawb
The Draethen, Waterloo and Rudry DWR Community Council has a clear vision to lead a united and joined up community. We strive for a "one DWR community, fair for all", in which economic dynamism and prosperity are combined with social justice, equality, honesty, dignity and respect. 
Our vision is for our community to be a great place to live and visit. We are determined to secure, promote and deliver better services with value for money to our community, its residents and visitors. 
We are:
A community council which believes that the clearest measure of progress is the dignity and wellbeing of its least well off residents, which prioritises tackling poverty and social exclusion and isolation, recognising that greater social and economic equality are the most important pre conditions for our community's success.
A community council who combines to achieve a mutual understanding through developing engaging, involving and supporting partnerships, joint working, community initiatives and volunteering.
A community council who is dedicated to protecting its rural surroundings fro over development, who will listen to what people have to say responding to what local people tell us, be accountable for our actions and performance and provide true value for money. 
A community council who will work in partnership with the main local authority council, local organisations and residents to take robust action to tackle the local and global threat of climate change, and t minimise its environmental impact by helping to reduce waste, pollution and our carbon footprint.